Wandering Wonder

I wander away ………….

Deep in thought.I think about my physical self.My soul as a person.

           I question existence.I question right from wrong.I question perspectives on judgement.A preconceived advanced notion of ignorance. I believe that ,I my true self am the biggest and longest kept secret. Things we act on, as the precise nature of being human.Things we bury so deep inside.That dark absorbing conceit and hate we tend to dissolve.Is it wrong to think of such things or even make ourselves believe we have done nothing.

           Deepest , darkest,clandestine secrets all make way for the Karmic Cycle.

The Earth does not forget your sins my child.I have roots deeper than the oceans combined.

You Love and Live and pretend to forgive.

Rarely malicious and ambitious but in your very own pretense suspicious.

Your ways my child,your consciousness is a sheer relative of the oblivious.

You crave companionship.

Yet shy away from commitment.

You get lonely in hibernation yet, suffocate at a crowded station.

What is it that will be more beneficial.A continuation of life in simple solitary.

Or is it the contrary ?


I feel dizzy in this mind space.

Will my thoughts die a martyr or should I strive to be smarter?

When we are born we cry out for attention.

When we are near death we are in frequent search of redemption.  

Coz all we ever have are redemption songs.

These songs of Freedom

Acoustic Marley






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