My hire , My liar ,

My dinner , My daze.

Your perpetual secrets bring to me an amaze……


Your flaws ,your freckles

Your dysfunctional gaze.

You and me together create the best of a critical phase.


I would rather not take wisdom from your false advice.

Let’s keep your ambitions strictly as my permanent vice.

That fake smile is a trait for a personality fragile.

My vital signs are disguised by design.


You are the official mascot for getting what you want.

It is only because of the manipulative beauty that you flaunt.


My mechanism is built as a modified defensive.

Your seductive plays comes across as preemptive.

You work your magic on superstitions.

But my piscean trait equips me with an enhanced intuition


I recognize your femme fatale

from the cafe royale.

But once bitten and now twice shy.

Never again shall I comply.


Thanking you and your wicked ways .

I now amplify my rationale

And Sing Tomorrow is another day ! ! !

I will make my own way and drink to the sun.


Dylan J Remedios



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