Perturbed Mind

Leave alone your perturbed mind,

We are simple human beings flawed by design.

We agonize about things that we discern are infinitely kind.

Yet our monetary goals and materialistic gains are the reasons for us being blind.


Life has cruel ways to disperse one’s positive vibrations.But, how can we be tranquil if we only focus on our tribulations.

I sit here on this fancy throne….

Wearing fancy shoes and fancy cologne.

I stare into the night sky noticing the blemishes of the moon.

I pretend to be conscious of the intricate actions of this divine Lune.


My thoughts ricochet back to existence and I am suddenly aware that life is a terrible facade.

Most of my meanings are a false regard.

We dive in.


And let down our guard.


Segregating mind from body is harder said than done.

But our life motto is to ask none.

Follow routine and ignorance is bliss.

Spiritual consciousness is a most definite miss.

Sigh ! ! ! Our perturbed minds. . .

What can one do in these uncanny times



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