I woke this morning and got cut from a knife,

With anger I stormed out the door to continue life.

I ran for a train which by luck I caught,

I sat on a window seat to make way for a thought . . .

Dull days,

Opinions race.

A little bit of comfort from the window gaze.

Drops of water slide down the glass screen,

Nature’s way to help drown a venting spleen.

Pretty faces everywhere,

A clear view from the diminishing sun’s glare.

Lifeless souls,Happy outlines,

Let ones thoughts be crayons to color between lines fine.

Luscious green trees are an endearing sight,

Comfort from the roaring machines with headlights.

Due diligence on this concrete jungle mess,Judging living beings through monetary progress.

None Digress . . .

Too structured to criticize our societal address.

Words will be written and thoughts shall fade.

Leaving us with blank notes for the next decade.

To ponder upon past mistakes,Lets the wheels of the karmic cycle spin without brakes.

Maybe future endeavors are best left untouched,

To gather our hearts and continue with our present conditions clutched .raincloud


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