Arbitrary! ! !

I swear, I was standing on a rigid ground.I flash back to reality and realize my thoughts flying around.

Random thoughts,Revolutionary Ideas and a perception of things unfamiliar.
Let lose or let go ,What if I crash onto this solid floor.
Music seems like oxygen and silence like a cancer.
Songs about love,remorse and anger.
Scattered happiness and laughter,make you nostalgic and you turn the page to the previous chapter.
That smile,that thought ,that unearthly feeling leaves behind a future dwelling.
Wake Up !!! This is an evolution for a revolution.
May be a silent protest for retribution.
Long hair and a cocky smile,face value seems to be futile.
Reminisce and an ounce of bliss greets us with an uplift.
Hears ring.
A distortion.
A Drum Roll..
That Familiar Rift. . .
Papers shout out juvenile pretense,
But on the contrary it is humble Peace And Transcendence……
Dylan J Remedios.

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