-Picture this, you’re on a beach and as much as you hate water you
decide to give nature a shot. At first this new experience seems
interesting; it’s something you haven’t experienced in a really long
time. You’re head races with childhood memories of your parents holding
you’re delicate little hands and you know its safe just by the plain
sight of your mom or dad. But now it’s different you are a so called
adult. It’s been 10 minutes in the water now, the wave’s dash against
your knees and bones reminding you of superior forces. Even though
your feet still rooted to the ground, you  seemed to have moved.
There’s this force that cannot be seen constantly gripping at you
underwater. Well the closest word in the dictionary that could explain
the feeling is Uncertainty. It’s so new, it’s like unexplored land but
only it’s a feeling now .And it’s the fear of uncertainty which is
very discomforting.
Born and bought up in a so called conservative land.
Children here tend to depend on their parents and guardians for longer
than usual. Once they have done their job, it’s more than obvious for
you to take hold of situations and take care of them. To me it seems
more than fair. But who’s to say when that time will come
…..Uncertainty.. Well this little brat of a word seems to crop its
little head in everything ha!

You close your eyes and take a deep breathe.Everything seems to be the opposite of normal.There’s a DJ playing and fuck they don’t seem to be the famous kinds.My eyelids make way for my dark brown retina to be exposed to  reality.Everything in its wrong place…….( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moOby4BSreQ )

Okay remembering just got a tad bit harder.This song is just so RAD ,I’m submerged in it,every beat of this song.

and it ends………………….

Thank you busted brain cells..

Here’ a list of few songs to get you through uncertainty(no guarantee of it disappearing but hey! always a good reason to listen to music )

1) Young the giant -My Body


Well here’s  to 2012 being an era of indie bands,shit they’re everywhere.Young the giant are an more than obvious American band.The lead vocalist is Indian american (Sameer Gadhia).Went for a music fest where they playing        unfortunately I heard them playing while standing in the line to enter 😛 .

2)The Sheepdogs-I Don’t Know


The Sheepdogs are a Canadian band from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.They are a fairly new band they formed in ’06.I like them cause they bring in the 70’s vibe so perfectly without coming across as wannabes.These guys are really cool.Watched them live at Edge Fest ’12 and even though they weren’t headlining,Hands down the best band at the fest.They make the list because uncertainty = I Don’t Know….Get it….yeah a bit lame 😛

3)The Silversun Pickups-Lazyeye


I really like this band because of two songs.They suck live though or maybe they were just having a bad day.They call  Los Angeles home, the band comprises Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao and Joe Lester.The bassy is a chick whose pretty sick actually,so all the girls for Women Rights WOOOOOHOOO…

4)The Alabama Shakes-Hold on


I love this punk blues band.The vocalist sounds much like Linda Perry(4 non blondes).Love her voice.Give it a hear, I am pretty sure you’ll like em.

5)Sky Harbor-Maeva

I just randomly stumbled upon this solo project and fuck !! this is insane.I feel like a tard just getting to know this.All the songs are sick.The fact that Marty Friedman(Megadeth) and Daniel Tompkins(TesseracT) have been featured in a few songs is a lot said in itself.Indian rock scene is just about to explode 😀

Hope you enjoy the list….Hey!!! I did : ) ….peace people


2 thoughts on “Uncertainty…….”

  1. Dude another great piece of work !!! Keep it up mahn !!! I am sure you can create Trance,a new world with just your words !!! Loved it Mahn

  2. uncertainty is the story of my life 😛
    your writing is very visually descriptive and humorous… thumbs up :)!

    annnd Alabama Shakes rocks 😀

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