Live Long Day

Live long day”….A hyphenated modifier originating  in the age of the Transcendentalist movement of the 1800′s .Its used poetically to describe living through a hell of a day.

Hells yeah!! Work can get so frustrating at times,damn even if you’re an angel blessed with God’s gift of patience,your blood vessels just seem to pop on these Ungodly days.These days don’t seem to end as if frozen in time and like a chain of unfortunate events,An encounter with negativity seems to defy physics and attract more negativity(one of the reasons why physics makes no sense to me )

A yawn,A rub to the forehead,An abusive curse and there goes the peace and mental calmness gained on a holy Weekend.

So there i was in that state of mind.The day had finally ended and sleep somehow  lost even though much needed.

The only saviour to an unpeaceful day was an array of fuming falls ;) and youtube surfing :) :) Since im a generous bloke,who loves to give the universe back the good it gave me.Here’s a list of songs to listen to when days like these come to unsettle your peaceful soul.

The list is of contrasting genres in music but a guarantee to calm em nerves

1)Noori-Saari Raat

(A pakistani band that pretty much kicked ass on coke studio’s)

2)Dredg-Down to the cellar

(A prog rock band from los gatos california,Epic song ,A 4 piece band but with a huge orchestrated sound.The frequencies these guys generate bring instant peace,trust me :) )

3)Incubus-Aqueous Transmission

(Read the previous blog to know this band :P )

4)Volcano Choir-Island is

(Band started by justin vernon from Bon iver fame and a bunch of dudes from collections of colonies of bees,yeah!!that really is a name of a post rock band.Must hear this though :) )

5)Led Zeppelin-Going To California

(No introduction needed for this band,though the Led Zeppelin live at earls court is a must fricking watch for true music lovers :)

A state of trance and meditation…….ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

eyes closed and wow!!Music took me to heaven and back .

The clock seemed frozen in time(though this time I didn’t mind it :) )

Hot humid air got a few degrees cooler and Fresh wind  brushed across my face and the smell of earth

My favorite aroma……….Work seems like no task no more and A smile pretty much stuck to my face


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