What about my city! ! !

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In a rickshaw,unusually not frustrated after traumatic men on men orgy in the train………………….AND…WOW!!!!!! AN i-pod is an amazing technological invention.Earphones to my ears(where else could they be put),dab the large round center play button and INSTANT fricking mental calmness to highly distorted yet extremely technically sound KARNIVOOL.And you will realize MUMBAI moves to the beat of a double bass.Total mayhem,mosh pit on the road, in the train.GOD damn it a mosh pit even at Mc Donald’s(wild guess to how many millions have the munchies)

Dirt,Filth,Spit,red-spit,pushing,shoving,ball scratching,nose digging,random street corner pissing areas, total chaos.Yet,there is something about this city that you fall in love with.There’s something  you simply can’t explain in writing but just plain expression.21st century hub of the world.People thriving,breeding and living just the way they want to as if we have just acquired FREEDOM.Spare me for being a tad bit judgmental.There’s no way i can criticize this place,i love it too much.Articles and blogs about Mumbai are so cliche one might think but honestly if  a blog is a genuine medium for thoughts in your mind to be showcased then Mumbai just takes too much place there and you cannot help but write about it……………………..pEaCe! ! !

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One thought on “What about my city! ! !”

  1. Our city is illusive……….. The city has some kind of hypnotizing power or in simple words attraction………… Dude the crowd in the train sucks but it’s fun to travel with friends if it has to be daily…………..nice 1 again biatch !…

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