ExtraTerrestrial MGMT!

When you think of EXTRATERRESTRIAL beings ,it’s a common enough thought to think of ALIEN BEINGS,but for me EXTRATERRESTRIAL is definitely a Psychedelic Rock,Psychedelic Pop,Experimental Rock band that hails from the more than obvious U.S.A.. One of my favorite bands called MGMT(formerly known as The Management).

The band is composed of two very hippie mental mystic guys named Andrew and Benjamin.the master minds of generating Music which is” In Your Face ” different.The most inspiring fact is that they started of as college roomies both sharing the mental mysticism to create Sounds that are very hippie as well as modern.So for me they are a Modern psychedelic rock band..that continues to excite my ear drum with every song that helps you orbit in space and a different world altogether.TRIPPY HIPPIEs is what i would like to call them.From songs as common as Time To Pretend,KIDS and ELECTRIC FEEL to not so common WEEKEND WARS,CONGRATULATIONS AND ITS WORKING.MGMT is a band that thinks on Modern trippy lines(which is awesome).

So if you still aren’t convinced about listening to MGMT go check out their videos,you’ll know exactly what i mean by from another world.With due respect to them The trippy HIPPIES have just released their new album called CONGRATULATIONS which is EFFING Brilliant..THE VIDEO of the title track is even better.WARNING:most of their videos have a deep meaning if you just try to understand their point of view,so if you don’t understand any of em ask me again,I’ll explain it to you with a stoner smile :-)..i mean it,I’m not being sarcastic.. (GOD PROMISE as kids in building would say to convince you).So to make you tube surfing easier for you, these are a list of MGMT MUST WATCH VIDEOS

1)FLASH DELIRIUM(Extremely weird videos,though it does have secret window ;-))

2)Time to pretend

3)CONGRATULATIONS(the monster in the video is supposed to be our worthless being)

4)Electric Feel…

I could paste the links here but my More than cool office has MOST OF THE URLs blocked ..slavery i tell you. 😛

So take a break from your ever busy life and take a SNEAK PEAK into the 4TH DIMENSION with MGMT……..PEACE…..for now at least.. and go spread em GOOD VIBES WITH MGMT RINGING IN YOUR EARS ..


4 thoughts on “ExtraTerrestrial MGMT!”

  1. i am convinced…. i am coming tommorow to your place to get those TRIPPY HIPPYS…..on my pod………..and your page is just from some “another world” as you say…………..good mahn good.

  2. I love Oracular Spectacular but i didn’t like Congratulations very much. Do you listen to Yeasayer?? In their song called The Children there’s an MGMT reference, “We are children, not THE YOUTH, not KIDS and it’s not TIME TO PRETEND.” Haha…listen to Yeasayer’s first album All Hour Cymbals, it’s trippy too, but in a completely different way.

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