What is incubus you may ask?

Well an INCUBUS is a demon in Greek mythology in male form ,who would lie upon sleepers especially women and have sexual intercourse with them.. HAHAHA

More commonly INCUBUS is one of my favorite bands.They hail from calabasas California.

GENRE: now this is a task lets see you could call them ALTERNATIVE PROGRESSIVE METAL ROCK but also trip hop funk and jazz influenced.

Every morning before I leave for work ,I unwind my I-POD(auto pod after transformers auto bots ,thanks to my friend Akshay who baptized him with that name)  and listen to INCUBUS.

If you are not a morning person and if you get troubled by crowded trains,continuous honking,angry office people frustrated with life,people in a hurry who cant help but shove you from the back,PMSing conductors in the bus and the STUD MUFFIN rickshaw dudes who never ply……………….Then YES my fellow reader ….YOU NEED AN Auto pod(APPLE I-POD) OR A Deceptipod(china made pods).. and you need to listen to incubus…

Whatever song you listen to they are 88.88% different.Brilliant bass lines,Amazing riffs and the greatest build up to songs…especially a song name clean by them..If your not into heavy stuff  INCUBUS also offers calming YOGA like meditating songs like AQUEOUS TRANSMISSION,ECHO,QUICKSAND AND JUST A PHASE….so you if haven’t downloaded incubus yet then people its like missing out on a GENERATION defining band..SO GO FUCKING DOWNLOAD IT and if your too lazy to, ask me I will honestly be more than happy to send you all their albums.

SO if your YOU TUBE surfing and you stumble upon their live shows ,please do not judge them by their live performances,they i think are so stoned that they fuck up live,a BUM chord here and there ..ALL FORGIVEN incubus..some bands are jaw-dropping tight live while some aren’t ..brilliant studio albums that make you GROOVIFY ,ZONE OUT,HEAD BANG AND AIR DRUM/GUITAR…….ALL HAIL INCUBUSS


2 thoughts on “INCUBUS! ! !”

  1. HAHAHA had noo idea thats what incubus meant!!
    love the band 🙂 very soothing music . esp dig , drive and all those awesome songs.. love the lyrics!! 🙂 good work .

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