GUESS age is catching up! ! !!

They say when things start to fall apart,you definitely are getting old.So last night i was having a quiet dinner by myself,tasty mutton green curry,i was relishing the fuck outta the dish when i came across a bone MARROW.And being the carnivore that i so righteously am,i lock my jaws on to it and FUCKING HELL,half of my grinder tooth in my hand,how the hell did that happen.I should have asked Santa for a fricking tooth instead of mental calmness and intervention.So being the hypocritical catholic i prayed.

So i get up next morning to find out that i have a WISDOM tooth crawling out from my gum like a little seed sprouting but fuck that shit hurts too,WHY GOD WHY?………………………………..I HATE DENTISTS. guess my catholic god is pissed off cause I’m following Dalai Lama now :-P…


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