Desk JOB and a butt ache!!!

introduction: well i know this should have been my first post but im new to this so PARDON ME…..-BRANDON BOYD.

So this blog is mine and my parents tagged me into this world by te name of DYLAN JOSEPH REMEDIOS..haha you can call me i guess my dad was Bob Dylan fan,well i am so i guess i took after him,I think im better looking though :-P..but all praise to “THE Greatest LYRICIST’ of all time..

SO back to me. I’m 20 years old

GEOLOGY course drop out(science ain’t my thing)

member of AIESEC

currently interning at AKBAR TRAVELS PVT.LTD

AND NOT QUITE liking it

FUCKING DESK JOB which lacks creativity,air ticketing and crs coding..(not my thing),but as my mom says “you have to start somewhere” and there’s no doubt I’m learning something new..POSITIVITY can do wonders trust me.i sit here doing nothing at all with people twice my age,i stare at a computer screen,play pinball when there’s no work and spend most time on Wikipedia.But i am gaining experience and  for me that’s just a silver coin i have to keep collecting.MY BUTT ACHES just sitting here sometimes,its a 10-7 job and it technically is my first.

its frickin 5:11 so 2 more hours to go.looking at it positively I STARTED MY OWN BLOG HERE,guess i wouldn’t have if i wasn’t so bored here today 🙂


3 thoughts on “Desk JOB and a butt ache!!!”

  1. Yes, you gotta start somewhere.
    Best of luck, Dylan! Bigger and brighter things are in store for you for sure…

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